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Recently, Dr. Bambang attended International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Annual Meeting at Montreal. He conducted panel discussion about the advantage of pure loss on follicle graft unit. Moreover, he teaches hairline design course. He is also an active member of ISHRS, the biggest doctor organization specialized in hair fall treatment.

The following online articles are selected from many articles featuring or written by Dr. Bambang:

Possibilities Of Transplanting Gray Hair For Restoring Hair Loss
April 10, 2010
By: Brian Alexis

Are there any possibilities of transplanting gray hair? This question is often asked by most of the people who start losing their gray. Such hair loss ...


Tricks to Use Against Hair Loss
April 08, 2010
By: Denis

If one of your nightmares, covering all their hair or nothing to lose in this manner, you need to know that you can have a lot of ways ...


The Essential Reality about How To Grow Back Hair
April 06, 2010
By: Jim Favor

Hair is the reflection of who we really are. Have our hair disappear then we tend to shy away from crowds, have a full crop ...


Hair Loss on Women
April 04, 2010
It's true, hair loss happens to women as well as men. This may come as a shock, but hair loss in women is not as rare as you might think. ...


Hair Loss Overview
April 02, 2010
About 30% of people have hair loss by age 30 years, and about 50% have hair loss by age 50 years. Hair loss is so common that most ...


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