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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age are women and men experience baldness problem?
In the age of 20 to 50, 1 of 3 men will experience baldness problem. Baldness problem occurs in women at the age of 40 to 50.

What can cause baldness?
Baldness or hair loss can results from many factors. Some of these include thyroid disease, high fever, diet, childbirth, and certain medications.

How to handle baldness problem?
When baldness problem already occurs, there are several therapies to overcome, such as conservative therapy and hair transplantation.

Is hair transplantation a safe solution?
Yes. Hairtrans� Hair transplantation technique is an advanced method that is most effective and secure, and has nearly 100% of success rate.

Is hair transplantation dedicated only for baldness patient?
Hair transplantation can be performed by baldness patient or any patient willing to thicken certain part of body such as eyebrow, moustache or beard.

Does patient's medical record affect transplantation process?
Yes. Medical record or any consumed medicine will affect hair transplantation procedure.

Does hair transplantation cost a lot?
Hairtrans has a very competitive transplantation cost. Patients are not only benefited from more reasonable price, but they also do not have to spend more money on purchasing antibiotic and pain killer, since the drugs are provided.

Can transplanted hair grow as my own hair?
Yes. The transplanted hair will be as natural as your own hair. Even your regular hair dresser will not recognize the difference.

Which part of hair taken for baldness area?
Hair in the back, right and left side of the head (Haarkranz).

Will bald spot occur on donor site because of the removed strip of permanent hair?
No. Eventually, donor site on the back side of the head will be healed. On the scar, there will only occur an almost invisible line, definitely will not appear any bald spots.

What are additional services provided by Hairtrans?
Hairtrans presents integrated service to its patients and clients. Additional facilities provided by this clinic include: pick up service from and to the Juanda airport, lunch during the procedure, and many others.

Is it necessary to conduct routine control in the clinic? If yes, how long?
Patient shall conduct after transplantation control until his hair naturally grows or whenever any complaint occurs.

How much money do I need to prepare to perform hair transplantation?
The cost is largely depending on baldness area and available budget. Please contact Surabaya Hairtrans Clinic, or utilize Online Consultation for further information.

How long does it take for transplanted hair to grow naturally on scalp?
Generally, about 30-90% transplanted hair fall in the third week. However, follicle has been transplanted under the skin. The hair would grow naturally in 3-6 months and reach 3-5 cm in 8 months. At present, the hair is able to be combed. Most of all transplanted hair will grow in a year.

What are the after-effects of hair transplantation surgery?
Hair transplantation rarely causes any side effect. The method will not leave physical scar and patient does not require any bandage.

How long does transplanted hair remain on scalp?
Transplanted hair grows naturally. The hair will remain lifetime as donor hair on the back side of head that is not being affected by DHT hormone.

Does woman have hair transplantation?
Yes, woman is allowed to have hair transplantation.

Is hair transplantation painful?
Patient will be numbed for several minutes by the using of small needle and local anesthetization as dentist’s procedure. You won’t experience any pain during the rest of hair transplantation process.

Will my hairline appeal naturally?
Yes, Hairtrans’ FUT "single graft" technique allows a very natural hair transplantation result.

How many days should patient take rest after hair transplantation?
Patient is allowed to conduct daily activity the day after hair transplantation. However, patient is unable to do any sport for 10 days.

How long does it take for hair transplantation process?
1500-2500 Graft stitching requires about 6-8 hours.

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