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Hair transplantation result from day by day:

Post-transplantation Period   Effects on Transplanted Area
One days : The entire hair area is thoroughly cleaned by Surabaya Hairtrans Clinic’s staff. Transplanted area must be clean from blood.
2 - 3 days : Most part is covered with crust. There might be a redness spot and swells above the forehead.
One Week : Redness lessens. Swells generally disappear.
2 - 8 Weeks : 30-95% of transplanted hair will fall off. However, patients are not supposed to worry, since the follicles are already planted beneath the skin surface.
2 - 4 months : Real hairs within the transplanted area might be fallen off.
3 - 6 months : Transplanted hairs start to grow as very soft hairs.
5 - 10 months : Some or all of the once fallen off real hairs starts to grow again.
8 months : Hairs begin to grow, but still look soft and smooth. A slight change on hair textures commonly occurs.
one year : Transplanted hairs have grown perfectly.
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