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Surabaya Hairtrans Clinic is a special clinic that performs hair transplantations. Founded by 2003 by Dr. Med. Bambang Soegianto, surgeon specialist with over 25 years of experience and is able to speak in Indonesian, Germany, English and Mandarin language, this clinic has serves hundreds of patients within and outside the country. Patients from Indonesia include Indonesian government officials and actors. Whilst foreign patients come from Australia, French, Swiss, Germany, Canada, England, Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

Surabaya Hairtrans Clinic resides in 600 m2 area which is located in central part of Surabaya. This Netherlands colonial style building has 3 completely sterile operating rooms. This clinic is equipped with Germany made Autoclave equipment, ATLS (Advance Life Support) equipment such as EKG monitor, Oxymeter (blood oxygen level measurement), oxygen cylinders, etc. And also other modern equipments that support Follicular Unit Transplantation or Micrograft Laser Technology technique. Furthermore, the entire operating tools are disposable.

Embracing the motto “help you to achieve your dream”, this clinic is committed to assist patients to improve their life, appears younger and more confident.

With a very competitive transplantation cost, patients are not only benefited from more reasonable price, but they also do not have to spend more money on purchasing antibiotic and pain killer, since the drugs are provided.

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