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Follicular Unit Transplantation
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) technique is hair transplantation technique that allows a very natural result with expected hair density and miraculous cosmetic effect.

This technique is conducted by removing hair strip in donor area located in the back side of the head. Strip width is adjusted to requested graft amount, generally around 1.5 cm height and 15 cm width. Skin area in which the strip is taken will then stitch. In Surabaya Hairtrans Clinic, the doctor applies Triophytic Closure stitching technique. This technique minimizes scar. The scar would only appear as a very thin line which would easily covered by hair in surrounding area.

Donor strips are then being dissected into follicular units (grafts) that consist of one to three hairs. This procedure is conducted using special technology and stereoscopic dissecting microscope. This step must be carefully executed to minimize transection or follicle being cut accidentally during donor hair dissection.

For your information, hair in our scalp grows in small groups consisting of one to three hairs that named follicular unit.

Modern technique allows hair transplantation expert to separate donor strips into follicular units and keeping each unit to remain in one group.

The next step is hairline design and holes creation in transplanting area using flat blade in accordance to follicular units obtained. Thousands of follicular units are then planted on prepared holes. Hair density created is largely depends on total grafts planted and baldness area.

Laser Hair Transplantation

Laser Technique is only applied to create small holes in baldness area. This technique will create holes uniformity ...
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