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Hair Transplant Result


Mr. François Abello, France

It was a nice experience to have hair transplantation with Dr. Bambang.

I know Dr. Bambang from Surabaya Hairtrans Clinic website. At the time I started to consult him via online and phone, Dr. Bambang explained about the detail of method, procedure to required time for hair to grow naturally.

It was like I had in mind when I came to Surabaya to start the hair transplantation procedure, it was simple. Moreover, the clinic was being supported by experienced doctors with skillful and friendly team. The procedure took about 6 hours. After the procedure, I could relax and took free painkiller and antibiotics provided by the clinic. I should come for control in the day after and it was free.

I didn’t want to waste my time because it was my first trip to Indonesia. I asked Dr. Bambang whether I could have a journey to Mount Bromo or not. He said I could, as long as my condition is fit enough to have the journey.

My hairs grow healthily after several months. It was worth a trip. My hair transplantation with Dr. Bambang is such an unforgettable experience.

Mr. Iwanto, Cirebon, Indonesia

Thank you so much Dr.Bambang. God blessed me hairs through your skillful hand. I am a college boy once again. There is no word to explain but huge satisfaction for your doctor and team’s performances. God bless you.

Mr. Mohtar Riadi, Medan, Indonesia

Thanks to Dr. Bambang, baldness is no longer my problem. I enjoy a new vitality with my new hair. A bit regrets that I don’t have hair transplantation since I experienced baldness problem.

Mr. Supriyono, Jepara, Indonesia

Everybody admire my look after I had hair transplantation and my hair starts to grow. I look younger and fresher. In fact, my grandson said grandpa looks like dad.

Miss Nina, Surabaya, Indonesia

My friends used to make fun of me because of my wide forehead. They called me Double “N”, which stands for Nina si Nonong. But it was a long time ago, I am no longer embarrassed and my friends had forgotten that shameful surname. They even said I look prettier with new bangs.

Mr. Charles, US

I'm delighted to know that hair transplantation can now be done in Indonesia. In the past, people had to fly to the US to do such things. I'm even more proud to know that Dr. Bambang Soegianto is the one who enable this. I know him as a person who's very dedicated to his job and cares a lot for his patients. Thus, you're in a very good hand! This is really good news for those who have bald and severe hair loss problems. Congratulations and good luck to Dr Bambang Soegianto and his team in Surabaya Hairtrans Clinic!!

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